20th May 2023

In a not very subtle way Lothly and his conniving MI5 counterpart James were seeking changeability and predictability combined in a most well-balanced team. Interchangeability and reliability overlaid all the members personal whims and fancies, still allowing the manifestation of the passions and deep emotions needed to fulfill the constant requirements of such difficult and exhausting missions as profligate the bizarre worlds of intelligence and counter-intelligence operations.

The four prospective candidates fulfilled the parameters exceptionally, ticked all of the boxes, their sexuality avoiding many of the more irritating issues that arose when utilizing female agents, the feminine gender unquestionably being the best suited for such roles, by virtue of their quickness of wit, inane intelligence, ability to follow orders or adapt as necessary, and patience under the most extreme stress.  

Mist thankfully permission has already been forthcoming from the applicable authorities needed for the quartets inclusion into the new strike force.

It had not gone without notice in the very highest political levels that the quality of response to major crisis’s did not reach the levels of adequacy that should have been expected. The British civil service in the areas of technology, intelligent and balanced speedy oversight had fallen well behind what was required and should naturally be expected in this the twenty-first century, school boyish Victorian cloak and dagger thinking, and tactics were no longer able to match the considerable expertise of the nation’s opponents in a world devoid of any sense of morality, or fair and appropriate levels in responses. The mass murder of innocent civilians was considered a most acceptable activity to simply apply pressure upon the administrative powers that be to implement undemocratic and genuinely unpopular social change.

Such alien force necessitated a powerful countermeasure, and in the persons of Lothly and James good fortune had delivered the right pair to manifest the necessary steps to alleviate the pregnant need.

An unbending body fully capable of such meteoric measures was presently springing forth from the wings of the stage.

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