24th June 2022

The knack of telling the truth in one of the first lessons a growing child must conquer if continued wellbeing is to be accomplished. Lying will invariably bring in its wake ire, disappointment, social outrage and  distrust.

Peers should always be above such misbehaving’s, being honest, resolute, trustworthy.

23rd June 2022

I surprise myself sometimes, finding I have developed standards of behavior far above my previous levels of persuasion. Admittingly there do come a time when temptations dangle more infrequently, meaning that when the bait is cast any game is inclined to carefully inspect the offering with a degree of interest.

Of course, the sensible response is always no, risk ever mitigates foolishness quite comfortably. But whilst good judgement now has sway in the wheelhouse, is the master on most every occasion, idiocy will still momentary consider the untenable, just for old times’ and funs sake.

22nd June 2022

People are generally really nice, understanding, thoughtful, give utmost consideration when they see that fortune has rather picked upon a soul than giving the benefit all good persons deserve. How exactly they come this conclusions is a mystery, whom they conclude radiates niceness, or equally defuses evil. No matter, a judgment is made on very illusory evidence, and the world compounds that resolution with all manner of benefits and kindnesses.

I tender no complaint on the process for in general any rulings had favored me well, blessed me with warmth and affection, wholly underserved if the truth of my inner complexities were ever comprehended. Nicety is very much a practiced tool, learned by a full and comprehensive social education, that teaches apparent pleasantry oils hinges, opens doors, eases tensions, overcomes difficulties, wins allies, disarms opponents, is a formulation that converts all manner of obstacles to weighty assistances.

Read not too much into joviality. For a smile can so easily conceal a frown, simply by inverting the corners of the mouth.

21st June 2022

I am all too capable of disappearing into a hole of my own invention, continuing to play with a sentence, a phrase, till I have lost any idea of my theoretic usage in the first place. This is quite possibly not a particularly unusual dilemma for any scholar of the English language, for the tongue is filled with pitfalls set to entrap the unwary or foolhardy.

20th June 2022

It is endlessly entertaining the way certain scenarios are doomed to repeat for all eternity. I can almost guarantee that the single individual you least want to confront will appear irritatingly in your path at any and every opportunity. Nature is remarkably cruel, has a very twisted sense of humor, loves irony more than any other Socratic principle.

Sardonicism so well denotes this inherent flaw of a base caustic attitude to any individual or occurrence deemed suitable for scorn, derision, acerbic wit, for any reason whatever. Humans are unmovably judgmental.

19th June 2022

The purposeful indoctrination of amassed crowds seems such a ‘1984’ tactic to employ upon a society fully familiar with the trickery that theatrical manipulation commonly plays in the productions of shows repeated ad infinitum on television and in movies. Words and happenstances are not to be trusted under any circumstances when illustrated or quoted by a constantly practicing conductor of such illusions. The possibility that any an educated group, rabid mob or otherwise, would be so inanely gullible is bordering on the absurd.  

Unfortunately, such illusory demagoguery still happens and has effect, for ignorance and dupability know no bounds even amongst quite articulate persons, the clever are quite as easily hoodwinked by tommyrot as the foolish and touched.

I offer no cunning solution, for none do seem to exist, beyond the utter banishment of all envy, elitism, superiority, distrust, and intolerance, All regrettable natural attributes of the human species.

18th June 2022

The long, hazy, lazy days of summer are before us, just a mere eye blink away, opening positively with a perfect   sunrise and closing with an equally daunting sunset.

Time to sit and reflect, recognize, and discard the harshness leading to this blessed moment, long overdue for hearts and souls.

17th June 2022

Consider well every word before allowing sounds to escape the sanctity of your lips. So much of what we say is unnecessary, surplus to requirements, stated for effect rather than purpose. This simple truth is not lost on the cognizant, those who choose clarity and precision when formulating their pronouncements, editing voluminous diatribes to   accomplished exactitudes.

Social intercourse is a privilege not to be frittered away with generality, nonsensical pleasantry, overly vague witticisms, and pointless repartee. Rather conversation demands direction, effect, interplay, conclusion, a logical use of language to move circumstances forward, mutually, conjointly.

16th June 2022

I am a work in process, a monument the continuing efforts of those with the seeming endless ongoing patience and kindly consideration to take time and effort    to glue my fractured condition back into some relative semblance of normalcy.  The lately acquired cracks are relatively easy to shroud, made invisible by the astute use cunning distractions, perhaps a handpicked wardrobe to accentuate any physically flattering weight loss, or colorful kerchiefs and masks distracting observers eyes from any unsightly and cerebrovascular symptomatic drooling and related oral incapacity.   

For many a year I have adopted the use of a cane or other walking aide, this propensity allows me free everyday observance without either need of explanation or obvious requirement. Parading with a sick requires a degree of panache not readily acquired ‘cept through repetition, upon all manner terrain and in variable social circumstances.  

Do understand that ‘poorly’ is not an easy part to perform innately, without attracting some accompanying audience condescension.

15th June 2022

Rising at what seems the crack of dawn has become the norm for me, instigated by a very precise and harsh medication schedule. My blood pressure insists in a calmer every six hours, and the necessity to crush, dissolve and impel that solution through my handily inserted feed portal requires a degree of wakefulness that banishes an immediate return to slumber far, far, away.  

Awake at five thirty in preparation for the six o’clock fix ensures a goodly two-hour minimal interruption in my sleep pattern, already shattered by   any number of loosely related mitigating circumstances.

Good quality rest, particularly repose, is supposedly one of the natural sources of speedy recovery, but so many rituals during the healing process seem quite averse to this goal. Rest is a peculiarly personal acquisition, requiring solely individual conditions to be positively enjoyed. Such does no gel well with regimentation, a necessity in any organized medical environment, public or private.