21st May 2023

Joanna Geraldine Spivey had very good reason for needing to contact sergeant Claudine Millar this afternoon, her boss Lothly was showing severe frustration at the whole quartets insistence on being so evasive after he had fronted then a most spectacular luncheon on of his personal pound. She was also just a little concerned that the possible attractiveness of the most spectacular Atsuko Arimura and Zara Amin could oh so easily turn the head of her recent honey pot. Colonel Ferus Lothly never did anything without a well-reasoned and positive purpose and look as hard as she might Joanna could perceive no blatant intention of this latest piece of prestidigitation on his part, and Fergus was an impossibly   consistently good conjurer.

The most obvious way forward was for Joanna to simply ask Gordon to deposit her at Claudine’s hotel after wok, presenting the sergeant with no possibility of further avoiding a comprehensive conversation, and thereby being able to answer the colonels most insistent demands for current information.

“Colonel, may I utilize the limousine later this evening?”

“Going to check of our hard-to-reach friends?”

“I thought I might.”

Joanna tried very hard to sound casual about the excursion. Sounding too keen about anything when talking to her boss was never a very good idea, He would undoubtably use any such sign of eagerness into an opportunity to make full use of her enthusiasm to his own advantage.

The inclination to ask Dalene Gillespie to accompany her was a matter of both practicality and comfort, pragmatic because the logic of wasting the expense of the limousine and Gordons use for time on a purely solitary trip seemed exorbitant, and cozy because the ability to hold hands and other extremities with her subordinate was ever a most edifying consideration. Darlene of course eagerly said yes, immediately telephoning her male partner of several years to explain a possible absence of several hours, perhaps hopefully from her own fingers crossed perspective overnight, making such a totally believable reasoning that he swallowed the hastily manufactured excuse with his unusual gullibility.

Darlene’s choice of outfit was limited to the several different hangers of clothes she kept ready in the workspace for just such opportunities. There would be time for her to shower and adjust her hair and makes up seductively, choose a set of suitably scandalous lingerie from her well stocked bottom desk drawer alternatives, and titivate the exterior most attractively.

Joanna herself was already wearing something highly appropriate for the night time excursion. Some stroke of genius, or at least bright forethought, had motivated her to adopt her cheeky copy of an adolescent students outfit that day, complete with mock pinafore dress, white shirt style button front blouse, and some very cute black patent Mary Jane dress shoes.

Gordon pulled up with plenty of time to relax prior to departure. He thoroughly enjoyed his road trips with Miss Joanna.

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