19th May 2023

The rather obvious attraction between Claudine Millar and Zara Amin was matched, if not fully exceeded by the fierceness of the magnetism that flitted fiercely to and fro betwixt Atsuko Arimura and Inspector Annette Grubber whilst the two sat adjacent to one and other at the well provisioned dining table beneath their blossom laden orange tree in the wineries picturesque dinning grove. The couple were not a pair made in heaven or hell, being apparently emotionally quite repelling, Atsuko with her severe and partitioned, chill and reserved Japanese manner, and Annettes blatantly more open and overpowering London west end style and panache, but as often is the norm, opposites do tend to attract and stick together like those magical designed fasteners that zip together with alacrity and a most firm and no splitable resignation.

The twos dress did on this specific day meld rather magnificently, Atsuko’s suiting choice of orange and lovat mixed of Harris tweed hues, and Annette’s flowing knee length dress, the shade of which was all but indescribable, yet blended most perfectly with anything else.

They started joining hands beneath the tables protective shade quite accidentally when fingers met accidentally and were not hastily withdrawn to a solitary existence. Such casual linking’s can be separated into either the purely lustful or a more serene acceptance of a very natural connection between two otherwise separate souls. This particular adjoining was a more dangerous form entirely, nearing all the hallmarks of outright raw naked lust, and   the more patient and long-lasting amalgamation of a permanent friendship, partnership, felicitation, much like the one that had recently manifested allying Annette and Claudine, The warmth, permanence, unreachability was completely echoed.

The return ride to the refugee center saw three stolen kisses   exchanged, one from each to the other discreetly upon the cheekbone, the third far more daringly, openly, full on by lipstick emblazoned mouths.  Most disturbingly Atsuko’s tongue tip briefly flicked across Annettes moist lips as the momentary embrace separated.

Annette all but soiled her panties with shock.  

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