7th August 2022

However unlikely the probability might seem I do occasionally, within my most social moments, miss the colosseum type oppression of an overcrowded hour or two within the sunbaked confines a tourist laden Eastsound. This bravery wholly exceeds my better judgment, as I know quite well that within minutes all my being would be screaming for any capacity to relieve so sordid a conflagration.

More appropriate considerations keep me safely enthroned within my realm, a safe distance from milling throngs and cavorting crowds, whom in constancy threaten my sanctity and sobriety. A man alone can both rise above and pass below the unfortunate norms of behviour ensconced within the governance of a pressing rabble, both for individual safety and mass good order.

It was ever my habit to venture forth on certain celebratory occasions, Easter, the 4th of July, Halloween, but Covid matters effectively queered that pitch. New tradition need installation, forthwith, in some haste, afore time evaporates in front of mine eyes.

6th August 022

Though my lips cannot broadcast the extent of my feelings, mine eyes continue to be witness the beauty and magnanimity of all the persons who surround me on every side.

The world is awash with consideration should we care to observe, not simply assume the abject worst of our fellow souls.

5th August 2022

We humans have a rather obtuse relationship with the truth. Sometimes we acknowledge such an existence, often we simply bypass any possibility of but one reality, holding onto the very vague concept that actuality is metamorphic depending on condition and circumstance. ‘What is real one day does not hold any water on another’, thus the majority of us would seem to like to believe.

Of course, the worst example of all is great lie, one so outlandish that any other possibility is obliterated in the onerous falsehoods shadow. The second millennium has seen a preponderance of the like, creating an air of intangibility, a universe more suited to an Alice than you and me.

4th August 2022

Like many another victim of the 21st Century I am obliged to handle many of my financial and commercial affairs though the auspices of the world wide web, that rather illusory entity that hovers over us all like an all embracing conform blanket. That I choose to live on an impossibly small speck on the very periphery of civilization is of no great help assistance in the circumstance.

I am forced to accept the limitations of such heavenly isolation, being at the whim and obtuse ways the administrative and carrier breeds, whose methodologies follow a path unknown to any outside of their own close-knit numbers. Security should be a prime concern, but I shrug in the face to that resilient nuisance, for unless a person is absurdly wealthy of impossibly enept any threat of electronic originated interference should be pike staff plain and avoidable. Fear of impending doom is quite as terribly disarming as any weapons unexpected beat or parry.

If being blasé is a crime then I plead the fifth amendment, as is my most convenient right.

3rd August 2022

A ‘customer service presentative’, one of the most unfortunate and badly designated titles bandied about any workplace. Would seem to suggest an earnest desire to elevate the customers’ needs and aspirations to wholly unique level of import, overriding any base commercial considerations. Quite obviously to any fool this is absolute tosh, for such a premise would raise the client to a level most decidedly superseding the mere provider of the proscribed service.

What we have in reality is a practiced negotiator, whose function is to adapt the customers desires to match a model within the suppliers multilayered set of possibilities, making the square peg of want fit neatly the round hole of readily available, often sweetened by some form credit, slight dispensation, a special ‘one off’ arrangement, a seeming compromise, but in actuality a cleverly identified and adapted shoe in.

Commercial interests can be trusted to be ever predatory, unfailingly profiteering, motivated by protectionism and profit, no matter their high words and abject promises.

2nd August 2022

I find the thrust of many a debate difficult to follow, disturbingly obtuse, almost circuitous in abstraction. This vagary too designed to be accidental, employing distraction to avoid clarity becoming a general practice in political and social debate.

Using a false flag to avoid culpability is an ancient device, but still admirably effective against those snoozingly  unaware.

1st August 2022

It is anomalous that the many American people are concentrate upon protecting their theoretic constitutional freedoms rather than bothering to insist on the delivery of naturally occurring human rights. One could, rather sarcastically suggest that the reasoning in simplistic, that the constitution when inscribed never intended to protect the entire population, rather that small percentile gifted with a capacity to vote for future measures.  

Fron the very outset the foundation American law was invested with prejudice, racial and societal protectionism, the twin pillars of oppressive usury.

31st July 2022

Local politics only has two perspectives, that which s right and that which in wrong, the former squarely agreeing ones opinion, the latter being adversary. There is no neutral position, for placidity will indisputably favor the any status quo.

Those seeking agents who are unbiased will be disappointed. Why even enter the bear pit when you have no opinion, no personal axe to grind?

30th July 2022

A Neapolitan like hot day, barely enough breeze to stir the unclean air lingering o’er the steaming larva that gathers mockingly around. I arose early enough to slice down a few clumps untidy weed, before the oppressiveness drove me undercover just before noontime.

I find Vesuvian weather extremes quite palatable, blazing heat and bitterly biting winds do not disturb me from any objectives, for much like Ferrante I have the necessary degree of inherent madness to overcome any such petty vexations.

29th July 2022

The universe, or more precisely the individuals therein enclosed, continue, by and large, to show an absolute lack of gratitude for the multitude of benefits they are consistently afforded. Most regrettably people bemoan, bewail, mourn the over the consequential, utter discomfort, express displeasure at the slightest adversity, rather than wonder and   underserved gratitude for the continued blessings of daily breath and bread.

Dissatisfaction is a particularly human trait, onerous, largely unmerited, a negative with sufficient bile to mar the most superlative cornucopias. Mankind is a most unnecessary addition to the landscape, having no grand purpose whatsoever, not even the slightest of points, beyond dare I suggest overwhelming cause to show thankfulness front the simple blessing of inclusion.

A less devout soul might suggest the need to praise is the primal font of worship, that most stupendous force driving our species continue to evolve, to attempt and achieve numerous meritorious feats.

Driven to excel the human strives endlessly to perfect most every facet of our existence, from the most base to those of the highest echelon. This constant reaching invites impatience, restiveness, a deep current of frustration unsettling any lasting hope long-term contentment.