16th September 2021

I have always found it best to follow the advice of good practice, ‘tis better to consider before you speak, than regret the words as soon as they escape you mouth’. Was not always my most consistent virtue, in times of stress, ire, or just bloody mindedness, I was quite capable of blurting out the most unfortunate, inane, ill-considered remarks ad gloriam. We live, we learn is the agreed maxim, for the more well advised amongst us anyhew, Madville is after all a nice place to visit but overnight stays should be avoided.

Gobbledygook, drivel, the inane ramblings of the Mad Hatter of Alices adventures, can have a certain wistful charm if not taken too seriously, or considered as any more than the ramblings of a decidedly deranged mind, temporarily or otherwise. Trouble comes about when experts, persons super intelligent in their own minds, decide they alone are capable of translating the gibberish into a form fit to be easily understood by us lesser mortals. These souls are collectively known as civil servants, or in their most insidiously divisive form, lifelong politicians.

15th September 2021

Whilst searching out one piece of information it ever amazes me how I can so easily be slapped the face by another. Equally frustrating is how with the constant updating of trends and search terminology upon the world wide web can so easily hide information that could at one time be so easily retrieved by a three-minute perusal of the textbooks in any public library.

My mind had been quite unnecessarily focused upon the London Blitz, the period between November 1940 and February 1941 when virtually unending day and night bombing raids were leveled against the very heart of London by the German Luftwaffe, resultant in a total of 43,000 civilian deaths, and one in six London citizens being made homeless in those five months alone.

My reasoning for that particular wander down memory lane was I suppose that my maternal grandmother had lived within the boundaries of the raids without exception during the entire period, refusing to be forced out of her abode by such villainous activity, belligerently continuing to downplay the experience till her very passing with a surreal mix of outright terror and pride.

The new piece of data that quite bemused me so, was simply that London during the Covid 19 has seen more deaths than from the terrible fire storms of the Blitzkrieg. My perplexion comes from a full recognition and understanding of the terrible blight those mere five months painted upon the great metropolis for all the intervening years, impressed unfailingly upon the collective memories of all who have ever graced her vaunted streets.

To my shame my memory is not all it might be, and my library far less voluminous than was, so I am obliged like many another soul to rely upon records to elicit details that once nestled quite happily in my noodle or within reach of my fingertips. The most available resource is of course the web, containing every piece of garbage ever known, invented, or imagined since time took to spinning. It is a most inclusive library, with one unfortunate insoluble disadvantage over the brick-and-mortar variety. Not one librarian, to curate, catalogue, or sort chaff from grain.

14th September 2021

The word extremist is most perplexing, specifically in how it has been bandied about in the past to describe groups of quite excusable or innocent viewpoints. For example, the early Christians were considered extremists, their views of equality and unrepentant all-inclusive love being considered counterproductive to firstly the Jewish state and more seriously to the all-powerful Roman empire. This is an example of a peaceful fringe threatening the constructed inner guiding principle, eating away, slowly but assuredly, at the very core ideals of a studiously structured political or religious hierarchy.

The collapse of every colonial system has produced specifically focused extremists, looking to promote positive independence, in their own very individual format quite naturally, once the oppressors have been removed from power, by negotiation, force of arms, or some combination of the two.

Pacifists might easily be considered extremists, especially during periods of strife, the recognition of the conscientious objector is a very modern happenstance, prior to that realization the passive resister suffered punishment as mere common criminals, including imprisonment and flogging, often treated equally harshly by fellow inmates as warders.

Was a time individuals with odd ideas were considered quaint, touched, eccentric, possibly mentally challenged, but still seemed able to function on the edges of society, perhaps suffering scorn, laughter, ridicule, but strangely protected as special, much like the fools of ancient sovereigns.

The questions must be asked, when did acceptance of the norm became overriding human necessity, when did holding an opposing viewpoint, however quirky, became a threat to the common good, whatever that particularly banal phrase night mean. Seems a very modern occurrence, perhaps when the muscle available to show a divergent opinion became quite so perilous to the majority.

I would but remind that most advances in human development, learning, were rooted in profoundly differing perspectives, egregiously   persecuted at the time to the point of outright condemnation.

13th September 2021

My ability to do nil has expanded exponentially, Was a time I struggled with slothfulness, felt if labelled me poorly, suggested I had no vim, no vigor, whilst in reality my metal, my drive, was totally focused on the attainment of but one goal, indolence.

Quite understandably my adoration of the god idleness meets with a degree of petty nay saying from certain quarters, particularly those persons raised in a balls to the wall culture, where ‘never say die to man nor beast’ represents the integral component of their creed. Such criticisms wash over me as the cooling breezes are inclined to do as I lay languorously upon a pristine white tropical beach, focused wholly upon the next mai tai that may momentarily miraculously appear in my vicinity.

The art of soaking in small pleasures, enjoying the least of benefits, the most casual of advantages, these are accomplishments I daily hone and employ. Hard work produced no advantage but a broke back to my certain knowledge, so better to retire burden free.

12th September 2021

It is plainly obvious that those who administer power have not the slightest understanding of the effects their pronouncements have upon the minions they are employed to serve. It requires a particularly determined and unflinching character to wield governmental authority, to pursue in the face of endless opposition those matters they consider best to bring constant advancement in the welfare of the populus, not to mention the necessity of an ongoing improvement in the vibrancy of the economy.

By necessity high amongst the virtues required of such a salient individual is the bloody mindedness to soldier on when all around are bewailing at minimum please pause, if not crying wailfully halt indefinitely. Such persons tend to be either of military origin, explaining their ability to march forward unrepentantly, or more mysteriously rising from grassroots public popularity, a quality that makes for excellent soundbites but little administrative ability.

As punters we very much get the leaders we deserve, much to our constant shame.

11th September 2021

I decided to give myself some cursory relief from the constant and decidedly acidic toing and froing within social media, that invariable resolves little to nil, and in inclined to leave me filled with overwhelming disappointment and despair. Gossip is never positive, and all social media forms are but tittle tattle to be certain, draining any belief I may have in the value of casual conversation whatsoever. The forms are trite, with barely sufficient words to make a cohesive point, follow no concept of logic I can discern, and end up but a personal opportunity to show animosity or derision, that most negative of negatives.

Today I returned to the headlines, the banners, that claim to succinctly capture all in a well-turned pithy phrase. I found no improvement, little change,, the usual sculpting of facts to confirm s very particular perspective. We now witness the fulfillment of a trend that started when broadsheets became tabloids, politicians said little for fear of the faux pas, secrecy became a means not to hide the classified, but the truth.

10th September 2021

My mode of locomotion at present would probably best be described as crawling, quite certain that at any moment the pains of the last two days will return in all their torturous forms. I tend to expound feelings, emotions, colorfully, a limp becomes a terribly debilitating gimp, a mild rash some frightening eastern irritation liable to be the foundation of all kinds of unpleasantries. Some might suggest such exaggeration is uncalled for, unnecessary, the best course by far being to soldier on regardless, head high and backbone straight as can be imagined. The stiff upper lip was my heritage.

In my youth I experienced the terrible privations of those brave souls who suffered the unequaled mayhem of the first great war. A moment in time when the ability to repair flesh and bone outreached any necessity or good sense to do so. Those fine boys were stoic victims, became the test cases for the leaps and bounds that have since manifested. I have no business even slightly echoing their bravery, pugnaciousness, and so I whine in honest acknowledgement at their fortitude

9th September 2021

When I feel under the weather, not quite myself, I am in the habit of taking myself out of circulation, of disappearing into my own private but controllable world. I am not a good patient, I am not patient in any sense of the word, have no time for pain to interfere with my existence, cept of course unfortunately on occasion it do!

My mood becomes one of desiring familiarity, needing everything to be about me, my recovery, my comfort, time for additional pressures and problems is just not easily available, momentarily convenient. Do this show an insufferable degree of selfishness, most certainly, hence my insistent on being insular, subjective, concentrated, focused, hiding my most intimate human moments away from prying eyes. The opposite I have always felt to be exhibitionist, a mentality that surprisingly does not conform with my better nature.

In dire need I turn to my friends, those I trust, whose motives are beyond question. Such a step for me is extreme, and means more than could easily be stated.

8th September 2021

I heartily admire people standing up for their perceived rights or a worthy cause but comes a time when the constant bandying of the same point of view becomes antagonizing and quite probably counterproductive. Hopefully I attend fully a good debate, weighing opposite perspectives, balancing ramifications, and in due course settle upon the solution I consider fair and fully agreeable to my own personal position. In all honesty this is all that can be asked of anyone, to listen, digest, contemplate, then make a decision, a choice, identify a suited flagpole to hoist ones banner upon.

My thought process is an entirely individual activity. Any auxiliary pressure, particularly of a harping form, is anything but assisting. I like most humans have a taste for being contrary, persuade me into a corner and no matter how valid your arguments may be I will simply adopt an opposing or neutral position.

Neutral is a position to be greatly feared, for those without extreme views are inclined to be unmotivated, never a reliable voting base.

7th September 2021

I read a most enlightening article today, supported by scientific experts whose experience and knowledge cannot be faulted or challenged, suggesting that the sudden appearance of incorrect scientific terminology in legislation is angling our administrative and legal systems towards a blatant form of skullduggery, using incorrect or downright misleading language to facilitate the easy prosecution of wholly ethical and acceptable medical practices.

The whole purpose of this ‘Newspeak’, to utilize the horrendous but correct Orwellian analogy, it to fool, brainwash, and inflame the scientifically uneducated public in a patently vague, but horrifyingly successful scheme to get a degree of support for particularly ill-considered and prejudicial ordinances.

The excuse for such acts of so called simplification is ever that it allows ‘Mister and Missus Joe Public’ to judge complex moral issues,  rather than adopting the more ethically appropriate solution,  educating the masses  to facilitate real understanding.