6th December 2022

Charles Darwin’s visit to the Galapagos Islands aboard HMS Beagle from 1831 -1836 thrust the scientific communities understanding of our own roots and the complex story of Evolution from an ancient fable logical and somewhat comprehensible chain of happenstance. The voyage provided enough data and specimens to swamp London museums and institutions for many years hence, with the one notable exception.

The Galapagos Giant Tortoise, of Galapagos Turtle as was earlier known, was renowned for three qualities, its incredible longevity, quite monstrous size, and most importantly, its entire carcass was unbelievably succulent to the human palate, quite the most sumptuous meat any if the consumers had ever tasted.  Unsurprisingly not one creature made it back for zoological classification to the British homeland for another of three decades.

The ‘Mock Turtle’, exemplified by Lewis Carrol as a sad beast, and tinned as a tasty soup by the Hienz company, are mere reflections of the original seamen’s delight.

5th December 2022

Not seeing you hurts
Do shame me
For the measure of my friendships is small
Embarrassingly so
Reflecting the inner sadness of my soul.

I exist in a small universe
Exclusive and contracted by choice
Defined momentarily with a glance
Perhaps fleeting word of understanding

Vagueness suits my many loves
Keeps them safe and distant
A needed constraint on emotional penury
Loneliness is preferable to unsuitability.

So many words to describe hopelessness
Too many apt and well-fitting phrases
Yet failure is the most relevant label
For a solitary embodiment traipsing fitfully.

4th December 2022

I am unable to imagine that the act of camping as is presently contemplated, occasioned, stylized, advertised, glorified and a leisure pastime, would have slightest attraction to our forebears. A practice adapted from the military idea of the bivouac, to enable the well-organized party of travelers, explorers, adventurers, to trapse vast distances through unwelcoming, virgin territory, for some most inane and prestigious of purposes.

At best a very complicated strategy, organized quite obviously to protect, coddle, enable the expeditions leaders, the tip of that very formally arranged hierarchy, to manage their designs as completely and comfortably as possible, utilizing the labor and skills of numerous underlings in the process. A most inefficient and unequal way of proceeding.  

Naturally I played at outdoorsmanship when a lad, as a scout, a festival attended, a bit of a Jack, but the all-round enjoyment of the experience paled in comparison to and sumptuous hotel, even a run of the mill B and B. I am a proud loafer through and through.

3rd December 2022

People imagine there is something noble, righteous about being primitive, barbarous, there is not. Mankind has successfully climbed out to of that swamp though centuries of endeavor, struggle, cheating, conniving, fingernail ruining clawing upwards to the highest plain of comfort and superiority. ‘Tis quite beside the point that all we have gained is underserved, goes against the natural rules of the universe, had advanced our species influence far beyond anything due or warranted.

But having gained such an ascendency why should we relax our grip on the arms of the throne of power, be magnanimous with our success, and share the wealth with each and every other being?

 Selfishness is one of humanities greatest assets.  Have we not blithely reduced the viability of our very own planet simply for the provision of a little extra heating, the ability to travel vast unnecessary distances, and to pile on totally unneeded calories to the obvious detriment of all other life forms.

2nd December 2022

People, hopeful people, particularly educators and parents, imagine they are living their lives in a way that will assist their charges, their offspring, to advance in life more easily, with less friction, than would otherwise be possible, or probable. Such hopes are of course quite pointless. Existence, time, the future is no so easily manipulated, too many arbitrary factors will thrust themselves between the young and their opportunities, chances, accomplishments, effectively their entire fate.

I do not like to rain on any mentors parade, but children, teenagers, adolescents, are not inclined to be susceptible to lessons, advice, suggestions, the guiding hand, however well any help and assistance may be intended. They are headstrong, independent, free thinking, wholly capable of advanced logic and reasoning, quite easily as cognitive as any of their elders might possibly imagine themselves to be.

They are after all rapidly maturing human beings with all the inherent skills and failings our species  so fully possesses.

1st December 2022

Behold the visage of that most cruel and unforgiving lunar period, the woeful month of December, precursor of all things frigid and coldblooded, the threshold to the full outrage of winters trials and consequences.

I find the chill to be no great enemy, adversary, he is so easily rejected from my presence with warm clothing and residual heating, but thus speaks the comfortable higher echelon of society, a position justified purely financially, the result of good fortune rather than any particular deserving skillset of purpose.  Life is pointed unfair, aiding the blessed few, opposed to the more abundant needy. Has eternally been so, since to very moment an acceptable hierarchy sprouted quite undeservedly from a society bent on finding social order, no matter comparative any obvious requirements or warranted rewards. Equitability has never been a significant or defining measure for success.

As I type this missive I perch upon a comfortable fur covered throne, wrapped in insulated apparel, and sipping at a hot beverage. Existence can be so terribly harsh.

30th November 2022

What phenomenon can create in the highly representational realm of mankind can create pure, undiluted terror? Naught but the supreme majesty of undefined imagination. Within that dark, damp, spectral invested dungeon, the wide gambit if humanities worst visualizations flit and crawl unconstrained, free of all impediments.  

Beware the cesspit if the wholly unfettered nonconformist.

29th November 2022

I collect iconic fictional characters, not as a fan you must appreciate, but much more resolutely, as a stalker, a kidnapper, a vulture, even a jackal, picking over their still warm, slightly alive, words and actions. Absorption is the ultimate goal, drink in every nuance, strange modulation, singular shade, the essence, marrow, quintessential meat, that makes their particular band of peculiarity unique.

There are so many excellent examples of monsters, for the hugest, overwhelming, to the most seemingly insignificant ever imaginable.

28th November 2022

Haigha, the March Hare is a most confusing chap, being famously the personal messenger to the White king, as well as the infamously the old leveret whom attends the Mad Hatters tea parties whenever he is fit and able to do so. ‘Tis quite remarkable that the ever-precocious Alice never do mention that that are indeed the very came Lepus, but perhaps in uniform he is not so easily identified.

A most obligating fellow, always most consistently agreeing wholeheartedly with anyone available. Most likely he was smitten with Alice at first glance, we all do comprehend a hares very open predisposition towards the fairer gender and their inability to do much at all after an initial flirting but protect themselves from the flying feet of their new and suddenly thoroughly irritated female acquaintances. A male Hares romantic fortune is not a particularly safe or blessed.

It do occur that Haigha is but an intrusion of the Dodgson himself into the story. Please do remember that Charles Ludwig’s proposal was rejected by Alice some years later.

27th November 2022

I had a most disturbing dream last night about utilitarianism, not such a commonplace nightmare, but proposition if heartedly pursued capable if inflicting that most heinous of inflictions, intrusive and unwarranted censorship. Edicts for conformity begin harmlessly enough, a casual suggestion from the establishment that the wearing white clothing is an unnecessary drain on laundering time and equipment, and vital ancillary public resources, like energy, chemical output, use of labor, increased water wastage, but rapidly descends into a compulsion to adopt utility garments most bland, of officially approved design and hue, creating a dynamic of scrupulous uniformity. From the tiniest of seedlings great monolith’s do unleash, to overgrow all less vigorous consequences.

Totalitarianism germinates in very small terrariums, flourishing, expanding, quickly engulfing any form of individuality. Strangling any vestige of singularly with the razor-sharp cheese wire of unforgiving conformity.