1st October 2022

I enjoy automation as much as the next person but have begun to be perturbed at the lack of an off switch available on many such devices. A helping hand, an extra finger to facilitate control is no cause of alarm, except then the machine involved is heading at some considerable speed towards an unavoidable cliff dive.    Electronic type shortcuts are particularly frustrating, putting ultimate control in the hands of some personally unconnected writer of computer language, who probably should spent more time getting out of their family’s basement than worrying about my ability to type commands accurately and adequately quickly to be super-efficient.

A return to clockwork I do not need, or some absurd concoction of steam rock lunacy. I am quite content with the almost latest modernistic version of an idea, one that as had all gremlins quite perfectly ironed out, and works helpfully, at a speed I can appreciate without having to wear a antigravity suit, or a need a more complete array of ready expletives than I already own.

30th September 2022

After half a century of practiced immunity and the quite natural hardening of emotions that time is liable to affect I am relatively unimpressed by images played upon screens particularly weighted to manipulate my innermost feelings. Not suffering oceans of tears or jackal like fits of guffawing at the seesawing antics transmitted upon the goggle box or other personal and public media source is most concerting and reassuring.

The carefully positioned scales do fall from mine eyes occasionally, and natural occurrences and quite excellent theatrics will invest my practiced defenses, drawing a titter, a tear, concern, serenity, the whole pantheon of reactions, sentiments, inclinations.

Absurdly, reality in all it starkness will oft leave me unmoved, cold, dispassionate; whilst fiction can conversely slash through an artery inducing exsanguination most extreme. The addition of imagination to experience induces overwhelming pressure, trauma, lacing the combination with colors most vibrantly disturbing,

29th September 2022

What is truly remarkable about the Cuban revolution is that a wholly oppressed people as an almost single force, under the leadership of mishmash of idealist mercenaries led by the comparatively internationally unknown Castro brothers, raised their collective middle finger, in a suitably cubist fashion, to the might of the Baptista military, the imperial aspirations of United States federal government, the criminal underworld and the all-powerful American corporate machine.

This feat of united bravado alone was breathtaking significant, but add the uprisings complete success and the following   sixty-five years and counting of comparative successful   government, under the most fractious regional opposition imaginable since the very public Marxist realignment of institutions in the year of nineteen sixty-five, and the multifarious exemplary international partnerships formed and honed continuously outside of the immediate Caribbean.

We fear all we do not understand, and far worse what we are told is outright dangerous.

28th September 2022

The distance from my pillar box red front door to the road end of the driveway is perhaps fifty yards, a sprint I could manage in some six seconds in my reasonably speedy youth. I make that trip most every day, excluding when heavy snow fall ceases any postal deliveries. My particular habitual exercise, a form of historic penance, a duty I acquired following the passing of the previous mail attendee, some time ago.

Duties make import of this otherwise quite casual quiddity. Matters, events, continuances, commitments, that must be carried out whenever possible, whence ever practical, in their attempting they make  sense of existence, give actuality to the otherwise rather pointless act of being.

The finite nature of obligation is troublesome, worrying, shadowing the concern for maintenance, perpetuation. All individuals like to consider themselves vital, necessary, not indispensable but most definitely rare, subliminally unique.  ‘Tis the very an essence of human nature.

27th September 2022

Twice each day I sit down with the intention writing a something, if not serenely meaningful, then at minimum current, illuminating, amusing, a jot entertaining.  Thankfully the words do readily appear, not aways well spelt, correction a most wonderful thing, but fluidly, with a certain panache, in a manner my late literature master might find bordering on the elegant, imitating the acceptable.

The process of construction, real time invention, takes the place of my belated fondness for argumentativeness, debate, vocal interaction, the to and fro of intellectual discussion, the ultimate purpose of my many years spent in studious thought and research. I miss the counterpoint assuredly but do hope my commitment to well-articulated disputation induces the flow of cerebral analysis and possible retort in any or all of my most valiant readers.

Literary composition is a most perplexing craft, at once both very simplistic and terribly complex to perform to any personal and public satisfaction and laudation.

26th September 2022

In succession I have sat on one side of the Atlantic Ocean and peered over that mighty expanse of salt water marveling at the abject stupidity happening quite blatantly upon the other. For decades, feeling the superior Briain, I watched somewhat amusedly. and equally quite horrified, as you Yanks continued unrelenting to expound, codify and prosecute an array of measures totally in opposition to any sense of equality, fair play, civilized behavior. To be continued unabated to the very present day. with the most disturbing reversal so Roe versus Wade.

My arrival in the Americas at the turn of the millennium was swiftly followed by the horror that was 9/11, stalked, as terrible events most often are, by an extreme over reaction, leading to decade and a half of constant warfare, solving all too little, but causing extraordinary global pain and suffering.  We did however arrive at ne moment most welcome, the election of a black president, a happenstance totally unbelievable but a few years earlier, This momentous event seemed to promise to lead to the possible succession of a woman, breaking another long overdue taboo, but the sudden inexplicable reemergence of animus and prejudice quashed that pipedream, rather catapulting the mighty United States momentarily, for one presential term. backwards into darkness and despair. Thankfully the light did reemerge, after quite the constitutional scare, and normal forward moving service resumed, somewhat falteringly, but thus is the manner or progress.

I know sit in semi peaceful retirement on my blessed island as latitudinally distant from my birthplace as if possible to be on this continent and am treated to the sight of those dark satanic mills fitfully throwing themselves politically and socially off the white cliff of Dover like a confused and frankly touched suicide of Lemmings.

Do I care? Naturally I do. It pains me deeply to see my nation, and very specifically my remaining overseas family suffer privations though the error and misdirection of politicians, economists, and social media.

But in time Gods good all this too will pass.

25th September 2022

I rise each day a six in the morning, my medications calling me unerringly. Coffee is taken, and savored, one of the few flavors I truly have ever missed, much more than tea strangely, which whilst as particular to my taste does not hold the same abject desirability.  I plan the day following my toiletries quite explicitly, often including a trip to meet and greet a friend or close neighbor, involving a jaunt of a mile or two, just to loosen the legs and stir the blood.

But the best laid plans of man and beast are oft left hanging, incomplete, needing just a little more drive, impetus, to be fulfilled. The chill from of sloth, indolence, do oft appear to interfere with such physical demands, suggesting rather caution, delay, belaying the excursion to a more suitable occasion. That moment being quite illusory, ineffable, sporadic, vague.

I ever have instead a short paragraph or two to contrive and incise upon some handy blank space, to be read, defaced, or ignored   by any imagined awaiting audience. A number necessarily exclusive and tasteful.

24th September 2022

I have of been inclined to enjoin the general dissatisfaction that infests the world, the very casual way we all have of complaining about seeming all and everything, large and small, significant, and piddling. I was a serial offender, a practiced and efficient proponent, as capable as any of righting slightest wrong with a waggle of my tongue, and a sharp outpouring if invective. Oh how the mighty are fallen, a chill blast of misfortune from the annals of probability and my whingeing ways are erased utterly, most efficiently.

It would quite be reasonable to suppose such a turn of fortune would be disorienting, galling, the mother of all inconvenience, an end of meaningful interaction with other gibbering, loquacious homo sapiens. This premise is far from the case, my hearing and vision having stepped smartly forward to bravely attempt to bridge this suddenly arrived chasm.   I was obliged to listen, meaningfully, carefully, to observe, expression, posture, to consider the validity of words, their meaning, significance.

Statements of negativity become quite insignificant, of little or no import, timesteps going nowhere, just beating loudly and most irritatingly. Ebullience however jubilates the spirit, the very atmosphere, enlightening darkness as do the finest beeswax candles ablaze in a crystal candelabra.  

Now, being without a voice, lacking much in the way whatsoever of vocalization, I do yearn to remark, observe, comment, almost consistently, most constantly, escape this cloak of silence that has settled most insidiously upon my shoulders.

I long to cry out with thanks, for breath, life, continuance.  For friends, whose help and support enabled me to survive as more than an empty lonely shell. To medics all who patched and croqueted this feeble physique together most efficiently.  For a universe that borders upon perfection most of the time, filled with wonderous gifts to be lauded and savored.  

My dear friends set aside your ire, the anger and discontent that fills you heart and soul most unsatisfactorily.  Accept rather a portion my joy, just monetarily, for ‘tis infectious.

23rd September 2022

Our lives on a daily basis are allowed, aided, shaped, contrived, permitted by the ongoing convention of a fleet of rapidly aging, somewhat dilapidated vessels, quite unsuited for the purpose of being the life blood of an ongoing, ever growing island community.   The very distancing that keeps this place idyllic, exclusive, adorable, desirable, is the most tangible     reasoning for the constant decline of this rocks viability as a thriving colony.

As fortunate but somewhat petty residents, we are inclined to bemoan the besmirching effects tourism, in truth the only industry able and ever liable to support the amenities we all enjoy so magnanimously. Our thanks is grudging, dragged forth painfully, disagreeably, spoke behind masking palms to mitigate any obvious show of gratitude or sullen acceptance.

I am a resident; I consider a decade enough to claim that permanence. A purposeful lifer, with desire and intent to exist and depart neath Orcas skies.  Near rare a commodity as that great beast that shares my affiliation.

22nd September 2022

The most easily identifiable fault with rumor, innuendo, is that like brand-new heavy weight woven cotton pillow cases they tend to fit too neatly, exactly, explicitly, without a wrinkle or need for extemporary crease. True statements, accurate descriptions tend toward vagary, approximation, just sufficient information to sketch a notion, but not enough to fabricate an exactitude or most dangerously a false reflection.

The genuine is obvious, unmistakable, has an intrinsic quality, a feel, impression, smell, taste, cannot be falsified, forged, replicated, simulated, no matter the time effort, expense   lavished upon any imitation. People in common with objects, when real, original, authentic, positively glow, shine in their verity, are tangible, undeniable, palpable, concrete, corporal.

Falsehood is illusional, reeks of fakery, feigns actuality, offends our sense or rightness, any inner certainly of origination. Perfidy in thoroughly exhausting, leaving body and soul drained, fatigued, debilitated.