5th February 2023

The most irritating consequence of persisting to own a sense of dignity, of independence, is the society in general, and any public services designed, designated, to facilitate those with noticeably diminishing physical and mental abilities, will avoid purposefully or conveniently, the actual condition of the subject through acceptance of their own wholly understandably inflated measure of individual adequacy. The patient, client, is impossibly  corralled by their desire to remain self-sufficient by whatever degree is practical, possible, endurable.  

Life is quite literally a trial, and a degree of escalating stubbornness is necessarily required as the years tick by towards extinction. Such fortitude was once acknowledged, praised, rewarded. rather than gratefully accepted as an excuse for inaction, distancing, ignoring any individual possessing a sufficient pride to forestall the laboring of complaints, ailments and disabilities as some form of medal bar to be displayed and utilized brazenly, blatantly, with unembarrassed, unconcerned, premeditation.  

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