4th February 2023

I find the fact at Selina Kyle is designated as being morally ambiguous most fascinating, that she is not permitted the full adverse persona her characterization as the developing Catwoman deserves says much as about the acceptability of the fully rounded criminal female role model in today’s society, even with its considerable emphasis on equal opportunity and non-judgmentalism.

As an accomplished street urchin and petty thief from Cats very first appearance in the social strata of Gotham city, she presents the ultimate fantasy for the young Bruce Wayne, graphically and sexually, and has no problem using her not inconsiderable charms to wrap the still innocent lad around her taloned fingertips, even delivering the as yet virginal Batman’s first intimate kiss.

In later episodes of our dark heroes tales, the role of desirous untouchable female, if unquestionably a more insane and unpredictable version, is shouldered by the Jokers feminine counterpart Harley Quinn, a far more blatant kink iconograph, but decidedly never marrying material for the young Master Wayne.  

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