6th February 2023

With a few infamous exceptions true evil has ever reserved for the male of the species. This does not indicate a particular nicety in the feminine persona, rather just further points to their historic lack of power, for true wickedness calls for a degree of unscrupulousness denied to the feminine gender through the rampant sexism that has been pervasive for centuries.

Whenever able to muster the control, the persuasive weight, women have managed unpleantness, cruelty, quite equal their fellow male humans accomplishments, indeed in certain cultures ‘twas the norm for the most heinous acts of torture and unpleasantly to be handed down at the behest, or skilled fingertips of the female population.  

Perhaps this longstanding anomaly in equal opportunities is something better not addressed.  I have no particular wish to see the ranks of the harsh and unpleasant multiplied for any cause, however ethical. The reverse effect would seem to be much more desirable, letting the whole cross gender population become more amenable.

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