8th January 2023

I am filled with the strangest notion, that the whole of 2022 was but the outlandish storm at the very beginning of the introductory episode of the show Gilligan’s Island. That having been tossed around upon an azure sea overnight we have all been by some miraculous fortune marooned upon an exotic tropical isle with not the slightest notion where abouts we are or how we might possibly survive our ordeal. The start of 2023 is set to present for us the most surreal challenges, testing character, integrity, politeness, and most indubitably the last surviving dregs of our sense of humor.

As often is the case the real foolishness begins the very top of crew, with those supposedly responsible or the care and safety of the passengers aboard ship. Like most verbacious Captains they have not a clue how to proceed in an emergency, being more inclined to make absurdly grandiose statements than to actually correct any error of steerage.

Therse are the fools that our revolution was designed to eradicate, not raise to echelons of unearned and undeserved import.

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