9th January 2023

The occasional surprise pantomime is a rare treat. Simultaneously bizarre, amusing, perplexing, an utterly bewildering, it do however remind us that most human interactions, conversations, are   at best obtuse, at worst purposely   misleading.

I took a brief moment to observe a press conference being given by a group, posse, corral, or congressional representatives. They took turns to pontificate upon a statement they had all previously agreed upon. At the end of the final pronouncement I was totally confused, had single clue as to the purpose their offering of clarification was supposed to illustrate.

Unfortunately I am inclined to pay too much attention to the words that spill from prevaricators lips, noting with some distain the width and breadth of their all too obvious avoidances’ and untruths, each speaker in turn aiming to cap their predecessor with generalities, and nonsenses. Thankfully I am able to shake the idiocies spoke   away with but a single shudder of disapproval.. Many less accustomed to such normal service are not quite as readily prepared.   

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