7th January 2023

There are two kinds of people, those who take only what they need and those who take as much as they want, or more exactly as much as they can successfully carry away. No matter than when their greedy arms tire a good volume of the grabbed wealth and plunder will simply drop and spoil, covetousness overrides all other considerations, and mankind is reduced to nothing more than but a galley of pirates, hardly recognizable as having truly human characteristics at all.

Without exception, any object, item, piece of real estate, animal, panorama, that human eyes have ever espied but the one time has immediately been considered rhier owned private property, no matter whom might have had claim to that especial wealth before. The new observer happily claims, renames, steals, invades, occupies, uses every possible method available to take full solitary possession and control.

Even the Almighties possessions are not immune from humanities desires, for is not elite homo sapiens the rightful inheritors of all God’s creation, above and beyond any other so-called claimants.

There is of course a pecking of ascendency, the most powerful, richest, most volatile, verbacious, taking precedent in an already staunch hierarchy, with the few oppressors overseeing, overawing, the silenced majority of the oppressed.  

That European and white males have ever been given a leading position in any social order is fairly conclusive, and no amount of denial or reverse engineering likely to change that dynamic in short order. Many more decades are necessary to simply allow the inclusion of the female Caucasian in equal numbers as the presently high seated males, and thereafter some movement in respect of other ethnic groupings may be seen as practical and possible. We are presently still in the very infancy of equality, the first or possibly second generation of a real change, indicating some of a degree of permanence, of irreversible longevity.  

Necessarily the haves are going to be obliged to loosen their grip upon the reins, allowing the have nots but a little purchase.

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