15th December 2022

Spent the evening searching out and displaying my Christmas decorations, I haven’t a lot, just enough for a sad old chaps bachelor apartment, but reminiscent of the splendid occasion, which is ever memorable no matter the year or my age. Predictably the items were in the very last place I looked and considering you would find it difficult to swing a cat inside the cottage that is truly both staggering and highly irritating.

I have already started watching seasonal videos, I find Christmas music incredibly hard to ignore once December appears on the top of the wall calendar.

We have been blessed with snow already this winter, whether more will be considerate enough to fall again for the 25th is a stretch probably, it has turned very chill for sprinkling, but we all can hope. Seeing snowflakes of Christmas Eve and the day itself is a very special happenstance indeed.

Faire will be limited this year by my dietary stipulations, but Mock Turtle soup do indeed sound a very apt and tasty idea.

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