14th December 2022

The semantics of a conversion theoretically allows participants ran ability to through the exchange of words, phrases, to facilitate an understanding of the meaning, truth, the very essence being well or poorly communicated.   The use of good or bad diplomacy, honest or false expression, emotion, will   expand those bare bones to a full illustrate the flesh and blood necessary to communicate a complete understanding. All interchanges are can be classified as exact, suggestive, or leading, dependent on the form of deliverance, maybe frank, sometimes subtle, even circuitry.

Becoming dumb has given me a whole new appreciation for these delicacies and highlighted the excruciating difficulties of attempting to communicate adequately without a language of some similar expediency. I find myself in the strange situation of being speedily segregated utterly, as would be an alien from an entirely different linguistic world, no matter similarities in gesture, expression, genuflection. Without descriptive sounds isolation hovers menacingly.  

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