16th December 2022

The Duchess s a most vague character, about who we know a great deal of nothing beyond that Alice finds her very unattractive to the eye, and is exceeding short, to the degree that she can rest her prodigiously pointed chin upon our heroines shoulder. The Lady abides in a small house but a stone’s throw from the Caterpillars favorite toadstool. Sharing the residence with her baby, a with manservant bearing a remarkable resemblance to a frog, a cook whose only method of flavoring is to cover every dish with sufficient pepper to cause a severe bout of the sneezes to all in the vicinity, and finally a fat cat, a Chesire cat.

The Duchess appears at first meeting to be just as unpleasant a person as her sister, the Queen of Hearts, but that impression do soften somewhat with some closer familiarity. She is just terribly strange, unique, obtuse. The impression of ruthlessness quite probably being caused by her constant over indulgence in the cooks peppery concoctions.

The Dutchess’s baby do remind Alice much more of a piglet that any normal human child.

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