3rd October 2022

I watch and wait, hopeful that good sense and a modicum of decency will cause the powers   that temporarily be to consider their positions and return to the stank dark oblivion from whence they appeared. There can be no half measures. When enough damage has been blatantly caused, resignation, utter and complete disappearance is the only solution that remains as a viable option. This is truly the age of the theorist, that unfortunate soul whose learning derives from dogma, repeated fallacy, inglorious falsehood masquerading as intellectual fact. Corrections to error do not come easily to be self-possessed, those whose confidence is bolstered by improbable reputation and impossibly highly heaped piles of steaming praise.

We are two decades into the great lie, the moment that government simply started to ignore facts and better judgment, grasping instead at imaginary conclusions, neat solutions, no matter what the following repercussions might bring. The initial cause for this stupidity was fear, carefully fanned by an over friendly media hungry for column filler, and the million little well placed factoids released on an almost daily basis, each singularly quite questionable, but on mass weighty and overwhelming of any qualms. Apprehension as quickly was replaced with indifference, for the public bores easily, and the latest football scores soon overshadow news from afar.

Once caught in the belief trap humanity loses all sight of sensibleness, swallowing each and very morsal so cannily prepared for maximum desirability, washed down with an ever-ready brew of blandness, sweetened with spoon or two of confusing misdirection.

Democracy is quite excellent at presenting itself as some mathematically certain way of ensuring the voice of the populus is heard loud and clear through the collected statements and rulings of their government, unaltered or infiltered.  This is supposition is unquestionably completely fallacious, being entirely dependent upon the base honesty, forth righteousness, and unequivocal representative nature of the body, a triumvirate of political impossible desirability’s.

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