2nd October 2022

I will recall the time when a fascist government controlled a large land mass in Western Europe by social intimidation and military force. Having been born some six years after the cessation of the second world war I am of course referring to that most bizarre historical oddity the Franco inspired and led Spanish dictatorship.  Many a derelict scholar, less well-versed layman, or product of the post sexual revolution baby boom will be totally aghast at this revelation. That the specter of nineteen thirties style oppressive, highly volatile, and bombast spewing political representation managed to happily survive till the year nineteen seventy-five before peacefully transitioning into a democracy, all be it a monarchist based one.

The lesson this odd, somewhat startling, and truly terrifying factoid highlights, pronounces, validates, is the fascism rests quite comfortably upon the Westen political pillow, accepting that the most egregious faults and nonsenses have been diluted to an acceptable level, reducing the otherwise too bitter taste to palatability, if not desirability.

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