4th October 2022

`We are all the product of our experiences, when, where and why we reach that fruition being most pertinent, particularly whether our difficulty acquired knowledge is ever able to sufficiently counterbalance, reward, the pain and difficulty of the journey will have caused.

The acquisition is unavoidable, the steady drip drip of tint turning our inner pallet deeper and deeper. We can ignore the education, hide our head beneath dampening pillows of prejudice, ignorance, and unconcern, but the lessons remain, locked away in a tiny safe in the dark depths of the subconscious, continuously screaming for release and the studious attention, to be ignored a great personal peril and profound regret. These are the sins we confess on our deathbeds, hoping to ease the pain of our consistently practiced inhumanity before we are obliged to regurgitate and qualify all the errors to a supreme being able to settle all scores with a simple sweep of their upraised palm.

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