14th September 2022

The human species in largely predictable, naturally failing into easily predeterminable groupings in attitude, behavior, and reaction. These patterns are rarely the least part original, stemming as they do from long ranging directives genetically imprinted in the core of this sole surviving variant.

Long term survival does not encourage experimentation, rather a grinding sameness with the slight improvement’s heredity development is certain to install. No sudden leaps, astonishing awakenings, for those present risks equal to, if not exceeding, any new possibilities.

Successful life is slovenly, dragging heels on the tedious march to an imagined secure future. And ever remains imperiled by the increasingly unpredictable nature of realty, by the constant imminent threat of some cataclysmic collision with meteor or asteroid.

Like our far distant ancestors we do abide each night with our eyes glued upon the heavens above, in wonder and fear quite equally.

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