15th September 2022

Recorded history is a litany of familial upset and division. Myth and legend favor the more animus examples of mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters turning inward against one and other in search for power, influence, control and favor, We are bedeviled as a species with examples of fratricide, maternal and paternal cruelty and inconsideration, sisterly conniving and unscrupulousness, the most pointed array of bad and inappropriate models imaginable, sufficient to extinguish any positive nuance that might have be probable or possible.

We are a carnivorous race, as likely to happily consume kin as foe, but one spate of ravenousness from cannibalistic inclination and frenzy. Consumers of flesh and souls concurrently, absorbing calory and intellect contemporaneously, we build our mightiest constructs using the rib bones of contemporaries as scaffolding.

Many might conjecture humans know better. Ethically and morally, that may be true, but integrally we remain as much beasts as when first we crawled from the amphibian mire.

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