13th September 2022

I come from a nation with a long and well described history, where ne’er a happenstance is either unique or unheralded. Every circumstance has ready precedent, a legion of references available and well catalogued for novice or inquisitive enquirer. Quite often my eyes stray for exemplar, the correct form, criterium, paradigm.   This is not to belittle the quality of my upbringing, rather to indicate the importance of a predictability in response to avoid offence or insult being erroneously given.

Politeness, civility, is the ultimate safeguard against to catastrophic sin of insult, a state which invariable leads to conflict, antagonism. A nation founded with a good understanding of the fundamentals of diplomacy will in general persevere, perhaps under criticism, even being roundly reproached, but largely unmolested, unhindered, remaining sovereign, potent.

Manners maketh man as true today as was when first coined in the work ‘Vulgaria’ by Willam Horman in the mid fifteenth century.

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