2nd July 2022

Young nations are inclined to celebrate any anniversary with great aplomb. Like with any youngster every passing year marks an occasion worthy of commemoration and joy, whether the original happenstance or any recently cascaded months have actually positively benefited an individual or humanity generally.

Britain is particularly fugal with the naming of public holidays. Traditionally there is a scattering of religious observances, Christmas, New Year, Good Friday, May Day, some Christian, others plainly pagan, and a number of calendar specific Bank holidays when all financial institutions allow for a momentary cessation of trading on the stock markets and currency exchange mechanisms, Easter Monday, May, August, Boxing Day, and any specially mandated occasions that maybe designated by an Act of Parliament. All such days are considered public holidays, and all employees are gifted a paid days’ vacation, in addition to their already nationally mandated paid annual leave.

Britains founding is celebrated every single day by the rising and setting of the Sun.

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