1st July 2022

We are all inclined at times so sing our own praises, highlight individual cleverness, speed of uptake, ability to absorb with comparatively little effort.

Recently because of my stroke and its ongoing ramifications I have been working with a speech therapist to gain back some ability to communicate verbally, a process quite naturally undertaken by bairn’s from birth and onwards. The dynamic of this basic ingredient of human development seems simple enough, the assumption somehow being that the physical ability to produce recognizable sounds is somehow hard wired into the psyche, that the mouth, lips, tongue, throat, nostrils, have a natural affinity to producing recognizable sounds relating to any given spoken language. They really do not, the whole process is based on the flimsiest of bases, trial, and error, aided by a seemingly magical ability to mimic repetitiously, all mastered with the cognitive faculties of a barely new born.

I marveled at the improbability of language previously. I am now aghast, speechless.

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