2nd May 2022

Many an individual is under the misconception that the finances they contribute to the nation through tax and levy gives then some sort of right to control the manner in which said monies are utilized or redistributed. Such is most decidedly not the case, neither in principle or effect, for democracy just doesn’t work that way. We elect representatives to govern over our administrative and legal institutions, giving they the power to put in place whatever measures they see fit between one electoral period and the next, including the use of all monies contained within the state coffers, however collected.

Taxes are not gifts, nor loans, they are the price we pay for admittance to a peoples, a society, an idea, a construct, a system. Without that largesse the structure cannot function, exist, continue, flourish, survive. A cohesive federation requires funds to proffer measures supporting, protecting, and enabling its inhabitants, inclusively within the modern understanding of nationhood.

Taxes are the life blood of sovereignty.

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