3rd May 2022

My waking hours can easily become obsessive. When we find ourselves with an abundance of free time and very little duty to fill the space the slightest task must become very important, vital, significant beyond any realistic measure, to make any real purpose of existence.

There are a bare minimum of elements a humans life must possess in order to be accepted, reconcilable as a responsible members of the species. These functions are fairly minimal, to include the upkeep of nourishment and hydration, an adequacy of shelter against climatic and bestial challenge, a skill, and a modicum of sociability to avoid the ever-poised menace of craziness.

There are of course numerous minor requirements like cleanliness, which whilst perhaps not per se necessary would soon make matters like nutrition and positive interaction most problematic to accomplish successfully. Noticeably functions are truly personal, for humans have no slot within nature, we are redundant, purposeless, beyond looking pretty and causing irritation.

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