1st May 2022

The First of May, the very heart of Floralia, the ancient Roman festival honoring Flora, goddess of youth, Spring, and flowers. Combining in Britain quite neatly with the pagan festival of Beltane, the two becoming bound together in a joyous and colorful celebration of renewal and sexual maturity, a commemoration of the coming of summertime and plenty. The raising of maypoles, great gatherings for dancing, feasting, singing, and dancing are the norm in the old world, for primitive remembrances are allowable in cultures that are inclusive rather than exclusive, superior, condemnably liable to discrimination and bigotry.

As with all other religious and social freedoms the celebration of May Day was considered profane by the Pilgrim Fathers, whom saw religious and moral principle from a very narrow perspective, the one particularly imbedded by their Puritan heritage, setting notions of right and wrong directly opposing the indigenous peoples whose less proscribed beliefs naturally were inclusive of seasonal connectivity’s.

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