9th December 2021

December is a most optimistic month, promising general good cheer, festive food and drink, glorious decorations, and of course greeting cards and gifts, those delightful objects that remind us that no matter how much we may own there is always something that can exponentially expand our good fortune.

They do say that Yuletide is for children, I totally disagree. Youngsters have not yet had the time to properly gain the faculties to fully appreciate such a super special occasion. Forget the religious connotations, the family connections, the Christmas holidays are made for adult pleasure, in each and every form, physically, spiritually, and intellectually.

What started long before the nativity as a major pagan festival, the celebration of the shortness of the day, the turning of the year, occasions meaning equally as much to ruler and underling alike, that directly affect mood, diet, comfortability, activity, continues unabated today, tomorrow, ever more, as long as our planet continues its yearly cycle.

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