10th December 2021

A most peculiar sensation today, for the first time this calendar year I lost touch with the motion of the sun and moon, and the difference between night and day vanished, all time merging into one continuous nothingness of dark driftingness. Of course my timepieces easily educated my confusion, desperately try to put sensible brackets within upon the void, but my mind stares quite blankly at their clock faces, not really able to put regard to the cognizance.

A small thought begins to muster in my subconscious. Do it matter? What difference breakfast or supper, long as my belly enjoys the illusion of sustenance do the hour direct my appetite towards different needs? Perhaps the true relevance of hour relates purely to habit and need, to what is acceptable to my principles at this hour? What functions I need to perform momentarily for a progressive existence?

The resolution to my questions, my concerns, is quite simply to take another nap, to resubmerge in that great desolation that is the inner workings of… ….  the matrix?

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