8th December 2021

Putting aside time today to be grateful for all the great mercies I am shown on a daily basis. I am troubled by the difficulties I see so many others suffer, having to struggle endlessly simply to survive, never able to be enjoy true comfort. Their anguish saddens me. Not that my cup always brimmed over, I have seen dark times, worked, and fought hard for success, suffered many failures and troublesome defeats, but thankfully have always been blessed somehow with a constant light drawing me unhesitatingly towards a better future.

I would never claim or even suggest I deserve good fortune, my sins most decidedly have always considerably outweighed any virtues, so I must surmise the benefits I now enjoy are attainable by all, available willy nilly, possible for anyone who cares to unceasingly strive, search, expect, accept, the better outcome.

Yes, it do seem trite to simply say expect, but any other consideration will guarantee loss, missing of opportunity, a failure to recognize the possibility of any available golden path.

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