27th November 2021

I have passed beyond the feeling of loss, instead I am inclined to recognize negative space, a gap that was once filled by someone’s knowledge and understanding, a person upon whom I could rely in times of need, confusion, and uncertainty. Existence is filled with too many chasms, far more gaps than I am comfortable facing alone, spaces through which the cold winds of ignorance easily blow and wholly innocent souls are crushed beneath the weight of general foolishness.

Most disappointingly, those I once considered   to be the future pillars of knowledge, sensibility, considered opinion, have departed the true path and are become inescapably marred in the briars surrounding Camelot’s glistening walls, imprisoned by debilitating mundanity, the need to prevail against unnecessary ogres and dragons, monsters bringing no real threat to that gloriously gated mount, ‘cept averageness, tediousness, carnality, temporal materialism.

I showed you the heavens, illumination, the possible. Yet you chose to walk in dark shadows, repose in pointless daily oblivion.

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