28th November 2021

Small inconsequential irritations vex the soul unmercifully.

That itch in the most inaccessible part of the back, almost immediately between the shoulder blades but sufficiently centralized to make an arm stretched upwards from the waist or downwards from the shoulder unviable. In this particular annoyance the female do have a decided advantage, Thet miraculous ability they have to reach back to undo a brassiere fastener must make that area far more accessible to an appropriate well-manicured finger nail.

The inclination we all have to sweat in the most delicate of areas of skin, in folds that really should not anatomically exist, beneath outcroppings of hair, easily viewable or not, moisture that mysteriously collects in a volume unrelated and unrestricted to the amount that should be possible.

Completely human annoyances, failings that confirm our true bestial state, rather than underscore the intellectual prowess we are more inclined to braggadociously advance.

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