26th November 2021

The premise of the traditional ‘Thanksgiving’ is unfortunate, for the false is inclined, as is always the case in life, to mask and distract from the truth, the worthy, those intrinsic ingredients that make special days especial.

Any claim of a biblical foundation for a state’s existence, foundation, continuance, precedence, falls upon profoundly impaired ears, the precarious condition and continued instability of Israel must surely bring into question any footing for that hypothesis. Countries, nation are founded for many reasons, most often for defense, preeminence, or on occasion as an escape from seeming intolerable conditions. The bedrock of the colony that would eventually begat the United States of America had none these initial purposes, although the concept of ascendancy do have a certain veiled reality.

I celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday in the company of a dear friend, partaking in a feast of small excess, but enjoying the wonderous gift of companionship, affinity, even the practice of heritage, our particular gathering is perhaps a decade old. A celebration of peers, of ‘family’, ebullience, the very best ingredients of human society. Those positive elements that enhance, enrich, foster worthwhile and constructive attributes. Putting aside a whole day for such optimistic and affirmative activity should ever be considered worthwhile.

Naturally, I recall family, present and past, am unashamedly grateful for the elements that have made my continuing journey entertaining, mainly enjoyable, but ever memorable. But these are feelings I am inclined to reflect upon each and every day, not just when the calendar requires me to focus upon those sometimes fortunate, but ever odd circumstances that have brought me to this mainly comfortable place and moment in time.

‘Thanksgiving’ should rise above the momentary, the mundanity of the familial, pious, authoritarian, ceremonial. Be glorious, acclaimed, supreme by itself alone, without historical precedent or paradigm, ‘cept for the unabashed camaraderie of all those participants in the majesty of invaluable fellowship.

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