20th September 2021

The very worst happenstances are akin to judgmental errors, singularly disastrous, but egregiously repeatable. Endless dominoes falling in a lavish illustration of some pretentious mathematical design, but expressing nothing but an abstract mockery of finality, a fustian utterly without purpose except to tediously bore the intellectually exhausted till demise.

Life should be sweet we are inclined to blithely state, assuming that a sugary aftertaste is the naturally desired consequence of every activity. All sensations are pleasing in controlled quantities, but in abstraction can equally overwhelm the senses. ‘Tis as easy to drown in syrup as in brine.

Mundanity is undoubtably the safest course in any venture, like with early mariners keeping sight of the coastline was a good measure towards a safe return to land, yet was the stupidly adventurous who conquered the oceans. Every action bears some chance of fortune or failure, unfortunately seldom in predictable allotments.

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