21st September 2021

Existence is the fruition an extraordinary balance between opposing forces, pulling our perceptions, our reality, in diverse and often inharmonious directions. Language, which must by necessity reflect the sum of our knowledge, comprises mainly of extremes, hot/cold, hard/soft, left/right, with very few neutral, middling representations, a phenomenon of great intrigue to me as most moral of ethical directives seem to favor and teach the centralist position, with overt shyness and habitual overconfidence being denounces as character weaknesses.

So why do we consistently express   the polar whilst emphatically distancing ourselves from those   exact extremes at every opportunity? Does this suggest some developing jaundice within our evolution, that we are feel progressively obliged to drift unabatedly towards utter radicalization, rather than the sublime so long assumed our goal? Are we perhaps not the perfect beings that our natural self-assurance tends to propagate, but rather just another inferior beast scrabbling for continuance?

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