19th September 2021

I don’t know about you, but I demand an excellent villain! My heroes can be quite wooden, predictable, repetitive, as if cast from very similar plaster molds, fitting exactly the ethos that quintessential valorous and upstanding activity demands. All our champions are, with apologies to all fiction writers ever, ten a penny.

Villains however are beautifully singular, with depths, personalities, individual traits, and perversions, that can fulfill our needs for all and every evil personification, from the mildest of mild, to the rabid heat of Lucifer himself. For as humans we are much closer in affinity to wickedness and immorality than ever we are to virtuosity and ethicality, at heart we are but spoiled fruit pungently moldering upon the hanging tree.

I suggest simple that goodness is a concept easy to imagine, a definition ground, unendingly, boringly, into our understanding from the very crib. However, sinfulness has so many possibilities, scintillating interludes, alluring waters to dip our virgin tootsies in on a most casual basis.

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