30th August 2021

Ideals of unbounded equalization seem to have been momentarily set aside. Suspicion has superseded that goal, the inability to automatically trust the character and credentials of those who are strangers to us has become an understandable checkpoint along the road towards egalitarianism.

‘Twas a time faith could be based upon any number of particulars, speech, attitude, the most superficial of interactions, even that basest of indicators, appearance. The sudden disproving of the human capacity to discern friend from foe, threat from auspicious encounter, has promoted fissures deep enough to threaten the continuance of the monolith that is accepted society.

Does this sudden, unexpected receding, most unsettling retreat in the assumed omnipotence of our natural awareness, finally vouch that physical senses alone cannot ascertain the good or evil of a thing? Proving decisions should be based on deeper matters, upon learning, ingested, applied, shared, disseminated. Fear is ever a solitary beast, confidence an veritable accumulation.

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