29th August 2021

The debate between civic duty and personal freedom is rapidly becoming old hat, a result of the insisters on unfettered independence dropping in droves. Each new news cycle announces the downfall of another believer in unrestricted autonomy to ill health, whilst I take no pleasure in their downfall I do wonder how much longer any such foolish reticence can survive.

One of the earliest lessons we all are taught is recognizing the lesser of evils, we learn such a skill the first time the choice between obedience or punishment is presented. The braver individual might choose the less pleasant choice once or twice but by the time their seat is fully warmed or their face beet red on embarrassment the lesson do tend to take a grip.

Such martyrdom, personal sacrifice for inane principle, is no longer a coveted goal in this the second decade of the twenty first century. Humanities long time assumption of some heavenly mandated invulnerability to demise has been proven utterly fallacious in the extreme.

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