31st August 2021

The rise of the human beast has ever been closely connected with the creatures feelings of control, that most elusive and enigmatic of aspirations. Having reached some sort of state of sovereignty over each and every aspect of their surroundings, the surprised humanoid is now faced with a wholly predictable but still confusing retreat of their omnipotence.

Any form of dominance is dependent on a number of factors, the acceptance of that authority by other creatures likely to cross paths being the most obvious.  Mankind accomplished this feat, not by natural precedence but rather by acquiring the means to overpower, quell, subjugate all obvious other forms of life. Those he could not master he labeled predatory, thereby callously excusing wholesale slaughter, a mendacious act indeed for the most rapacious beast of all.

Humanity is now obliged to consider the ascent of man as done, plateaued, accept that the world has   meandered beyond any position we may countermand. We are successfully superseded the dinosaur.

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