26th July 2021

Humor most certainly helps the universe get along; a little hilarity will often cure the most threatening of scenarios without the need for physical altercation. The nature of the amusement is of course paramount in delivering the correct balm to antagonism, something suitably incontrovertible, bland in tone and nature, acceptable to the better sensibilities of all parties. Risqué is best avoided in mixed company, the delicacies of the differing gender and age groupings being not generally communally shared. We all enjoy vulgarity to some degree, bishop actress anecdotes generally titillating most every palate, but any more course tales are best kept within defined social musters.

Spiteful humor should be avoided at all times, jests particularly pointed, inclined, indeed intended to single out specific individuals or sets, cause personal insult and ridicule. Historically japes are often based upon physical attributes, differences, and most hurtful if spake inconsiderately, a reasoning for the newish most necessary implementation of political correctness.

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