27th July 2021

Invasive, inconsiderate, belligerent, but three of the words I can so easily draw from my stockpile of negatives regarding the behaviors and attitude of visitors, this year particularly whish seems for some reason, the now dwindling pandemic I am supposing, has bred the most disrespectful and irritating bunch as yet to have blighted our little piece of perfection. My opinion is admittedly highly personal and comes from a rather outdated view of good manners and conduct, yet nevertheless that unfortunate summary shouts out the shame of a society that continuously produces and allows for such rascally miscreants.

The ‘tourist’ phenomenon is hardly new, I recall outrageous crowds of holiday makers in the 50’s and 60’s in mine own fair isles> What has fermented is the attitude of such participants, largely encouraged by commercial interests, and in direct response to that strange and wholly false maxim that the paying customer is always right, whereas in reality, as many a member of  the service industry will happily confirm, the customer is quite often very much incorrect and on occasion utterly and hopelessly wrong. The power of the almighty dollar does not stretch to the eradication of ethical and polite activity, such presentability should rise above all other considerations.

Any system of servility that relies upon a premise of favor for a vital ingredient in compensational income is ever prone to corrupt manipulation by both the consumer and management. Having to endure rudeness and incivility should never be a necessary part of any individuals employment. If we want exceptionalism in our employees we should ensure their salary presents a whole living wage without the necessity for grudgingly obliged gratuities in response to services that are probably not particularly exceptional.  

Visitors, for that is what tourists are, should be held to a standard of etiquette representing the epitome of human comportment, no matter gender or age. Anything less is unacceptable, inexcusable, perversely insulting to those persons fully domiciled withing the environment.

One thought on “27th July 2021

  1. bravo dear sir
    close the gangplanks
    cut off the isle
    let the hearty ones swim
    the others left to perish.

    come and visit us more oft…. us who never leave home, who dare not wander
    however, I am considering swimming very early at Mountain Lake and if you would like, I shall give you a ride.

    the fun of friendship is gone, as friends have returned to their respective domiciles.
    it passed too fast with much left undone.

    our best to you above us
    for many reasons

    juls and John
    puka and the monster child


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