25th July 2021

I have always enjoyed the celebration of joyous events, particularly those that represent the culmination of some heroic event or circumstance. Such occasions warrant our full attention and participation, for they have changed history and lives eternally.

Perhaps antisocially I am not so inclined to commemorate or attend less meaningful happenstances, as important as they may appear to be to those immediately involved. Such moments are not inclined to change the annals of advancing time for those any of us any distance from the epicenter of interrelated events, today and in the future.

My attitude is totalitarian, I avoid celebratory days of mine own with the same absolutism as I do others, in actuality I am far more inclined to celebrate your birthday, anniversary, promotion, new relationship, that I am of mine own. The world is too complex and fragile to spend time and resources marking singular events that have little to no effect on any phenomenon beyond the local and immediate.

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