20th July 2021

I am find the modern times constant pandering’s of self-gratification highly uncomfortable. The media, the news, the screens, are festooned by individuals focused of praising their own qualities, accomplishments, abilities, acclaim that even if in some small part justified is guaranteed to leave a most unpleasant taste at the back of the throat. Finding someone attractive whose life is built around the imagined positive reflection coming from their bathroom mirror is difficult in the extreme, especially considering any honest soul with the slightest degree of integrity is anything but comfortable with the image they perceive staring back. Our own eyes cannot deny the obvious we perceive, incising directly to the truth lurking within, are witness to the darkness we all must possess deep in our core, resultant from the time spent fraternizing, interacting, surviving the negative contamination so often oozing from the pores of others of our species.

Confidence is rewarded religiously whether it is the result of honesty or deception, we learn at an amazingly young age that a positive exterior appearance can disguise the most miniscule or heinous of lies beneath the pretense of   assurance, that conviction suggests or even proves trustworthiness. Once our peers gain a full measure of belief in our unswerving honesty we can instigate most any intrigue that suits our design and purpose.

A universal manipulative game of confidence trickery, with segment after segment attempting, succeeding, in conning, fooling the adjacent, through the graphic presentation of characteristics society has deemed suitable in a person of integrity, a natural born leader, a superior person in all forms and considerations.

The nature of a title, a simplistic label, is wholly adequate to commence the process. A doctor has more kudos than a clerk, an officer more panache than the citizen, the process of dissimulation unfolds from afar, without substance, by suggestion or well fruited rumor, managing the remodeling of the mundane to the heroic in a homage to the delusory nature of the chimera.

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