21st July 2021

It is most wonderful having the good fortune to live upon an island that is to all intense and purposes many outsiders idea of an idyll, a place they would happily settle in a heartbeat should such a possibility be made available. Those of us who are lucky residents are of course aware of the few but important negatives that exist  along with the undoubted abundance of positives, the elevated costs of almost everything, the sad lack of adequate medical facilities for even the permanent native, the mounting difficulties of travelling to and from the mainland should that prove a necessity, and of course that most annoying influx of temporary visitors throughout a vacation season that now seems to run form Easter through to the Thanksgiving holiday.

Personally, I find the advantages of being an accepted local face outweigh in ever department the negatives of living upon such a popular vacation destination. But still I moan, complain, bellyache, for that is my right, my function, my duty as a fully paid-up member of the torch and pitchfork community.

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