19th July 2021

Take a glance around the average public scene and tell me what you see painted upon the faces of the miscellaneous persons therein gathered, and of course the answer is ostentatious drama. Admittedly not as thickly coated as was consistently present before the great pandemic, for isolation do tend to dilute virulent exhibitionism. Quite surprising considering the comforting diet of professional playacting perceived in movies, television, family acrimony, etcetera, those being the normal panaceas taken to nullify the eternal boredom of quarantine.

But recovery from the plague is upon us, and the unfortunate social pattern of physically and verbally acting out is rising once again, even amongst supposedly sensible older adults, to levels once considered societally unacceptable for even those of age groupings child through adolescent. I find this need for acrimony and aggression most perplexing, neither serving any useful purpose, in actuality being decidedly counterproductive towards any positive outcome. Theater is best kept within the bounds of the hippodrome.

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