22nd June 2021

A most problematic thing to remember it that when the majority of individuals ask after your health the enquiry is habitually based on politeness, not interest or concern. Society as a whole is unquestionably insular, having the same capacity to level heedfulness upon each other as can be spared to seriously consider the plight of the homeless, the starving, the oppressed, being the amount that shows adequate humanity and consideration without costing the erstwhile philanthropist one jot of time, inconvenience, or financial wellbeing. Intellectual charity without the slightest danger of specific personal sacrifice.

This realization is of course wholly regrettable, both on a decidedly personal level, but much more importantly as a manifestly disturbing criticism of the human beast in the twenty first century, particularly as our species has but recently barely dragged itself by the fingertips from the dire threat of wholesale depletion if not extinction.

Mankind, despite its apparent cranial development, is remarkably slowwitted concerning matters of species selfcare and continuation. The old adage of the rich man crossing the street to avoid the beggar is as valid now as was in the first century Ano Domini. We have just learned to do so less visibly, in camera, cunningly concealing out lack of true magnanimity behind a veil of polite verbosity and theatrical expression.

If you were to ask whether the exudation of such a woeful comprehension goes in any way towards assuaging the wound I would be obliged to answer no, most decidedly in the negative. To fail so dismally in one of the tenets that holds our supposed civilization within its bounds of appropriacy must surely be as telling a critique of our supposed societal development as can be imagined.

Where such a base ingredient in human survival dissipated is a question worthy of the toil of a legion of philosophers and a college crammed with sociologists. Self-depreciation through carelessness or lack of adequate prescience is possibly understandable, but via bloody mindedness, truculence, greed, and unyielding egotism is beyond the pale.

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