23rd June 2021

Walking is a constant joy to me, from a purely panoramic perspective, allowing my eyes and ears to feast upon the wonders of creation. Ideally the weather should be not too hot, not sufficiently sun drenched to require a chapeau of some variety, and equally not to chill, to make a heavy coat necessary against the inhospitable clime. Precipitation I can take or leave, from simple rain, to hail and snow, they all have their particular blessings and purposes, so must be endured, and enjoyed with a good heart.

The fundamental with hiking is awareness, firstly to your route, to other users, especially if motorized and capable of being extremely physical injurious,, and secondly to each and every sight and sound, everyone unrepeatable in their momentary uniqueness. The exact same vista will change in the blink of an eye, let alone an hour, a day, a week, so repetition in not the slightest mar to thorough absorption.

Anatomically strolling is great exercise, our physical components are adapted for upright progression, even the effects of gravity are beneficial to wellbeing in numerous ways. Our ongoing relationship with comfortable chairs is not particularly fruitful for any muscle group beyond the comfort of the buttocks and lower back, which both also respond to gentle animation with just as much relief.

Regularity is key, long breaks between outings will reduce both enjoyment and practicality proportionally, particularly as the bodies mechanism matures. A good target would be perhaps every two to three days, with just some simple stretching and flexing betwixt and between. Isometrics being quite easily accomplished within the comfort of home base.

The purpose of any exercise, physical or mental should be self-evident, a necessary upkeep of the base elements that make life practical and possible. The universe, as well as being remarkably beautiful, is also a most challenging place, best encountered in the spryest condition attainable.

Walking, even ambling, mine chosen rate, is supremely vitalizing, reaffirming with each precarious upright step our humanity.

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