21st June 2021

Daily regimens, habits, are the threads that pull the tapestry of existence together. Without pattern each day simply becomes a mélange of events, disordered, confused, haphazard, without particular rhyme or reason. Most undertakings must follow a certain order to be logical and efficient, showering before dressing for example, anything else would be absurdly idiotic.

Routines are formulated over time, starting right from infancy, so predictably reflecting those employed and tutored by parents, guardians, or custodians, a perfect example of old learned principles molding the new. Such lessons are naturally adapted, reconstructed, personalized by the new generation, making them acceptable to their latest practitioners, and often a matter of some disappointment, even dismay, to their endowers.

Once learned and internalized patterns are extremely difficult to change, needing considerable effort and discipline to reconvene old methodology. A change once implemented becomes paramount, almost heart rending to alter or ignore.

The need to adapt to evolve is the foremost reason behind humanities success as a species, where other groupings simply wander blissfully to extinction, homo sapiens uncannily see the oncoming threat and magically manages to survive and even against all odds occasionally prosper. This sixth sense, foresight, is quite probably but the residue of what once was simply instinctual behavior, evolutionarily honed over the generations to seek out and perceive uncommon threats, an almost psychic radar.

Any adaption in regimens must align with these psychic alerts, allowing changes to account for any newly perceived dangers, threats. This precognizance is hard wired into the human psyche at a very basic level, probably varying considerably from one individual to another, explaining the myriad of seeming unexplainable extrasensory skills that develop higgeldy-piggeldy in some individuals, whist barely appearing to invest some others in the least.

Humankind is a truly wonderous creation, with absolutely no concept of their power or possibility.

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