17th April 2021

Contradicting my better nature is a skill I have practiced over a long and combative period of time. Doing what is right, is practical, for the best, is surprisingly easy, takes little mental positivity, the right is naturally bright and attractive. Humankind is at base of good spirit, liable to make the most of opportunities, possibilities. Having an apparent genetic imperative towards the moral, the ethical, an almost compulsive need to be good, helpful, hospitable.

Such niceness is of course boring, soul draining banal, consistently usual. Hence a heavy undercurrent, perhaps even an overpowering desire to be just a tad wicked, unpredictable,, contrary. However, to be purposefully bad is not necessarily easy, overcoming the good can be daunting. I generally find the best solution is to catch myself totally unawares, sufficiently unprepared to remove any wearisome thoughts of possible repercussion or negativity. If life is dragging, I heartily recommend a stroll in the shadows, just to wash the saccharine out of your taste buds.

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