16th April 2021

If you do not accept consequence you will always be sadly disappointed with life. All events, happenstances have repercussions, some obvious in advance, others with limited predictability. No matter the circumstances what must be will be, fate is amazingly inconsiderate in these matters, once the die is caste the final face will with rapidity roll into view.

The culmination of any chain of events is undeniable, no matter the intercessions you may attempt, completion will and must transpire. Cause and effect, sound and echo, birth and death, some commodities are tied by universal forces beyond human interference, answering only the rules of physics and motion, possibly outreaching the laypersons understanding, but still recognized as wholly incontestable. Much time is spent and wasted by individuals with maybes, and why nots, when the only possible correct answer is decided certainty.

Fatalism confirms impotence, vulnerability, a seismic irreversible flaw in the human condition.

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