18th April 2021

Respect, duty, honor, things to which the good aspire in life and wish to be esteemed for in memory. Few attain the precedence sought, but all wish the salutations, the words spoken in magnanimity over their now lifeless remains.

We all truly recall the good in a soul, pass over remarkably quickly the faults, the errors, the misjudgments, for it is not the failures that measure a person but the successes, the glories, the positivity’s they have in their days and nights accomplished.

Eulogies are written to extoll and amplify those who were, to empower whom remain with the spirit that even having past should stride forward unabated, undiminished, relevant, pertinent, germane. Thankfully, the good we do lives after us, the wicked, the unfortunate, the inappropriate tends to fade and dispel with the passing of fleet time. In tales a much-married Hal can be hero not a monster, a Ragnar be recalled as a great adventurer rather than a blood-soaked barbarian. Let memory and hearsay be kind, history and truth are unnecessarily cruel.

One thought on “18th April 2021

  1. We are all flawed, to a generally tragic extent. But, yes, we do strive and striving can be kind, and brilliant. I want us all to leap out of ourselves and do something, one thing, extraordinary. And begin to develop a taste for it. Thanks!


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