7th March 2021

Emergency, emergency, a hundred twinkling red lights, sirens wailing, well shod boots rushing to and fro, so much excitement on a quiet, peaceable, Friday evening, quite unexpectedly causing a whole lot of excitement to end an otherwise bland week.

Just a fairly minor outbuilding blaze, electrical wiring proving weather fallible, as coding do tend to forewarn.

I have seen my fair share of accidents, incidents, unpleasantries, unanticipated messes, moments better left in distant memory than present contemplations. No doubt my own demise will cause a final stir, though hopefully no surprise, such times became overdue immediately following any unanticipated survival from mortality, we earn but few second chances, not enough to casually pass around amongst so many eager takers and have a duplicity remaining. So abstract casual emergencies are to be savored, enjoyed for what they are, little hors d’oeurvres amongst the multitudinous mess of canteen cooked fodder so abundantly served upon our daily plates.

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